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I developed this web site to help our neighbors quickly find information about city government issues.  I hope you will find this useful — and that you’ll let me know how I can improve it.  Districts 9 is really one large neighborhood — the growth frontier of both North Charleston and Dorchester County.  I intend to represent this special neighborhood vigorously as a community that cares about the values that define quality of living throughout North Charleston.
Dwight Stigler
Councilman Dwight Stigler District 9
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I want to make you aware of steps that the City of North Charleston is currently taking along with the County and State regarding current DHEC and Center for Disease Control  recommendations as it pertains to Ebola.  Over the past 2 days, we have been involved in a series of phone calls with various partners to ensure that we all have a common understanding and plan of action should an Ebola patient present themselves at one of our hospitals or arrive via one of our terminals (airport or port) in the City of North Charleston.  There is NO information at this time that causes specific concerns but these are efforts to stay current with others and ahead where possible.

  • This week City, County (Consolidated Dispatch and EMD), USCG and DHEC discussed and reviewed the protocols, responsibilities and authorities that would be relevant should a professional mariner arrive at the port sick with Ebola symptoms.  We also discussed the same scenario concerning a cruise ship visiting the City of Charleston.
  • Yesterday members of the Police, Fire and Safety, along with Charleston County Schools participated in a DHEC led statewide conference call concerning Ebola actions and precautions.  Safety, fire and police are using DHEC guidance and will evaluate the need to send out information to City employees to ensure they understand necessary precautions and proper PPE for an Ebola incident specific to their roles and responsibilities.
  • We will continue to work with DHEC, County EMD, and others to ensure we have a common understanding on how we would quickly establish Incident Command to deal with an incident in the City of North Charleston, insure consistent messaging and the safety of our citizens, visitors and City employees.
  • We are in contact with the Health and Human Services, Atlanta Regional Administrator’s office.  They are collecting emergency contact information for major cities around the Southeast.
  • We will continue to stay engaged with DHEC locally and at the state level and participate in their phone conferences and disseminate information where and when appropriate. If you would like to gather information for yourself or your department you can do so by using the following link. http://www.scdhec.gov/Health/FHPF/HealthAlertsNotifications/ebola/

Please contact me with any questions.

William “Butch” Barfield

Office of the Mayor

City of North Charleston

Office: 843-740-2884

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Manhole Repair @ The Reserve at Wescott

A manhole at the main entrance of The Reserve at Wescott, 4976 Wescott Blvd, North Charleston, is collapsing.   The management office of The Reserve, along with Dorchester County Water & Sewer, has closed the main entrance to the complex until the manhole can be repaired.  All traffic is being directed to the second entrance.  The entrance will have to be closed until the repairs are complete which will be mid to late next week.  A specialized company is expected Monday morning to begin repairs to the inside of the manhole.  Once the inside of the manhole is complete, additional work will have to be done to the surrounding area.

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Board of Zoning Appeals Vacancy

Are you interested in serving on North Charleston’s Board of Zoning Appeals?

The Zoning Regulations provide a framework for the development or improvement of land and are based on an ideal or average set of circumstances. Sometimes conditions on a particular parcel of land may be so unusual that the application of the normal zoning regulations may produce a burden on the property owner. The property owner has a right to request that the regulations be waived or varied by some degree if they qualify for a variance. Variances may not be granted that would have the effect of allowing a use not ordinarily permitted under the ordinance.

The ZBA meets to review variance requests on the 1st Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Buist Conference Room on the 3rd Floor in North Charleston City Hall, 2500 City Hall Lane.

Boards_Commission_Application form should be used to apply for any board or commission vacancy that may be available.


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FDRA Meeting – Meet your County Councilmen

Next Meeting of Fort Dorchester Residential Association will be on Wednesday, October 8, 7 p.m. at the Wescott Park Community Center.

You are invited to attend if you live in Districts 4 or 9 of North Charleston.

Indigo Residents: you won’t want to miss this opportunity to speak about your petition to resurface our roads in Indigo and receive updates from the county with respect to getting this work scheduled.  Please tell all of your friends and neighbors about this meeting – Dwight

We are fortunate to have as the principle speakers Dorchester County Councilmen Larry Hargett and George Bailey. North Charleston has been working closely with the County to redefine road maintenance and general drainage projects. Most District 4 constituents reside in Dorchester County and we rely on certain services that Dorchester County provides. Councilmen Hargett and Bailey are veterans in county government and they have been trying to help us with road and drainage projects. Thus, this forum is of certainly of timely interest and we hope to see you there.

The full agenda is posted below. We strongly encourage everyone to attend to hear the Dorchester Council members discuss the road, sewer, and perhaps other projects that affect each of us in the county. These projects as they are being developed will impact all of you.

Please invite your neighbors.


1. Introductions

2. David J. McDonough, Sr. introduced in the context of being selected the new representative for District 94.

3. County Council persons talks, Larry Hargett and George Bailey. (Possible subject includes roads, general drainage projects, planning, and general directions including other relevant items)

4. North Charleston City Council members (Ron Brinson, Dwight Stigler) discussing topics as felt necessary or important.

5. Closing.

G. Warren McCarl MD, Secretary

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Wescott Traffic Circle Re-striping Plan

Dear Wescott Friends,

Below is a copy of the proposed restriping plan for the Wescott Circle.  Work should begin within the next few weeks.WESCOTT BLVD.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Whitehall Improvements

Dear Whitehall Friends,

I have recently requested feedback from your POA Board of Directors to provide suggestions to me for improvements in your neighborhood.  I’m waiting to hear back, so please feel free to share you ideas with me too.

The city will be making road striping and signage improvements at the intersection of Netherby and Dorchester Road within the next few weeks.  

Please feel free to contact me if I can serve you.

Dwight Stigler

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“JOY”…”Just Older Youth” Programs



Select the following link to read more about recreation programs offered by North Charleston for our more senior adults: JOYUPDATE


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2014 Youth Winter Basketball Programs

Council Members Letter 2014.pdf - Adobe Reader


Click on the following link for the 2014 Youth Winter Basketball Programs:  2014WB Flier

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Emergency Management E-Newsletter

Please read the important message from Director of Emergency Management – Butch Barfield by clicking on the link below:

Emergency Preparedness E-Brief

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Indigo Neighborhood – Road Resurfacing

Dear Indigo Neighbors,

A lot of progress has been made over the past several months with our goal to resurface the roads, that are in need of resurfacing, in the Indigo neighborhoods. Our Mayor and Dorchester Councilman Bailey are helping me to accomplish this project. Also thanks to your efforts, a petition requesting road resurfacing has been circulated throughout your community with about 100 signatures and still climbing. Please contact Kevin Nadzam if you are willing to sign this petition; please help to get the word out too (petition contact: nadzamkevin@hotmail.com). I’d like to thank Kevin for helping to lead this effort! I provided a copy of this petition to Councilman Bailey. Through these efforts I can report that the Dorchester County Transportation Committee (CTC) has approved about $500k of resurfacing in the Dorchester County/North Charleston area. Our Mayor has also committed to add $1 million to North Charleston resurfacing projects through a bond later this year. The $1 million is to be split equally between Dorchester and Charleston County roads in the city of North Charleston. This money will be used to match the county dollars for resurfacing projects in our city to accelerate these needed improvements. The progress is slow but I am now confident we will achieve road resurfacing in your neighborhood. The earliest I currently project resurfacing would begin is early spring next year – but it may happen earlier, or later. Once I receive firm plans I will pass them onto you. Several other roads in the county/city are on the priority list outside your neighborhood.

The attached file is the cost estimate for resurfacing the streets recommended through the Dorchester CTC assessment study. This estimate includes most, but not all of the roads in Indigo. It totals over $600,000 in resurfacing.

Please share my message with all of your residents so that they are informed of this news happening in their neighborhood. Let them know that they may email me (dwight.stigler@me.com) if they would like to receive these reports directly. I am happy to serve you.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or advice you would like to provide to me.

Kind regards,
Dwight Stigler, Councilman
District 9 North Charleston

Road Estimate:  Dorchester County Resurfacing 2014 – Indigo Fields

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