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I developed this web site to help our neighbors quickly find information about city government issues.  I hope you will find this useful — and that you’ll let me know how I can improve it.  Districts 9 is really one large neighborhood — the growth frontier of both North Charleston and Dorchester County.  I intend to represent this special neighborhood vigorously as a community that cares about the values that define quality of living throughout North Charleston.
Dwight Stigler
Councilman Dwight Stigler District 9
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Wescott Traffic Circle Improvements

Dear Friends at Wescott,

Please forward my message to your distribution lists, HOAs, neighbors, etc. Help me to get the word out about the Wescott Traffic Circle changes.

We are seeing the beginning of another phase of improvements at our Wescott Traffic Circle. Crosswalks are being installed with curb cuts in the median!

Here’s what we can expect in the coming months:
-Crosswalk striping with reflective thermoplastic paint at the circle
-Road striping from Traffic Circle to Old Glory with reflective thermoplastic paint
-Traffic circle will become a single travel lane 14’ to 16’ wide
-Cross-hatching from the center radius of the circle will indicate lane
-Street paint (reflective thermoplastic paint), a 2-to-1 lane merge on the approaches to the circle
-Appropriate signage will be added to notify approaching traffic of the merge and crosswalks

Goals: cross walks and curb cuts in median along Wescott Blvd.:
-Oak Forest at Pebble Creek Blvd.
-Ashley Ridge

Here’s what’s been accomplished so far:
-Crosswalk at Ballentine Drive (street paint with signage)
-Street lighting added (the circle use to be pitch black at night)
-Drainage added with concrete flues to drain roadway
-New curbing installed
-New landscaping

Thanks for all of your help, support, and patience while I work on these needed improvements in our community. I always welcome your feedback.

Kind regards,
Dwight Stigler, Councilman
District 9 North Charleston

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MUSC Public Announcement

Dear Councilman Stigler, 

I would like to formally announce the recruitment of Anton Gunn as the Executive Director, Community Health Innovation and Chief Diversity Officer of the Medical Center at MUSC.

This was formally announced today at the MUSC Board of Trustees meeting and because you are a noted leader in the community, I wanted you to be aware as well. The formal press release is attached (Anton Gunn release 080714).

I have known Anton for many years and I am excited about his recruitment to MUSC. He will have a dual role that will interface extensively with the community. He will oversee the interface and implementation of community health and education efforts to improve population health for South Carolinians. He will also oversee the implementation of the MUSC strategic diversity plan.

This is a great opportunity for MUSC and the community. Please welcome Anton in the future as he engages you and your constituents.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



Patrick J. Cawley, M.D.
Executive Director/CEO, Medical Center and
Vice President for Clinical Operations, University
Medical University of South Carolina
169 Ashley Avenue, Suite 205
(843) 792-4000
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More Stores are Coming

The Corner at Wescott Shopping Center – Stores that are coming: Mattress Firm, Raising Cane’s, Bank, and a large sit-down restaurant that will be similar to a “Chili’s” style restaurant.

The Lowe’s Shopping Center – talk of a fitness center.


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Fire Department Receives New ISO Rating!

Members of Council,

This week I received our new ISO rating and am pleased that we maintained our class 2 rating.  This is important because this rating is used to determine fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties throughout our service area.  ISO (Insurance Services Offices) analyzes the relevant data and then assigns a rating from 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest.  A class 2 rating places the NCFD among the top 1% of the 47,000 fire-response jurisdictions that ISO evaluates.

ISO completely revamped their rating system for the first time in several decades and made these changes effective as of July, 2014.  ISO moved away from simply counting resources and equipment to focus more on actual performance.  I applaud this change because it credits not just what we have but also how we use it, and so it more accurately measures real-world service delivery.

Our staff has worked diligently since this new system was first announced in 2010 to prepare for this change and their efforts have resulted in improving our score within the class 2 rating.  In 2005, the NCFD scored 80.66 on a 100 point scale, narrowly surpassing the 80.00 points needed for a class 2 rating.  Our new score is a 87.04, less than 3 points away from a class 1 rating.   This is significant because our city has grown considerably and our call volume has increased exponentially during this same time period, yet through systematic efforts we have been able to actually reduce our response times.  The comprehensive deployment analysis we conducted through the accreditation process has been helpful in doing this and so has the addition of resources.  I am particularly grateful to the Mayor and Council for providing stations, apparatus and additional personnel to help us maintain this very important rating.

Thank you for your continued support and please let me know if you have any questions.


Gregory A. Bulanow MS, EFO, CFO, MIFireE

Fire Chief

North Charleston Fire Department

P.O. Box 190016, North Charleston, SC 29419

Office: 843-740-2644



The NCFD is an internationally accredited agency.

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Smith/Packett Wescott Project (Sr. Adult Living Center @ Wescott Circle)

Councilman Stigler,
We listened to the concerns of the Wescott residents Monday night and have redesigned our building from 4 stories to 3 stories. Due to some reconfiguration of units, the overall impact of the new building on the site is only slightly greater than what was originally proposed. A copy of this site plan has already been sent to Eileen in the Planning Department. Please share this information with your constituents. I will forward new elevation renderings when completed.
Thank you for setting up the meeting Monday, and Councilman Brinson for being the MC.
Paul Saks
Development Manager
Smith/Packett Med-Com, LLC

Link to PDF Site Layout: 3_Story_Concept_080114

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June 19 Public Safety Committee Meeting

Hello Residents,
During the June 19th Public Safety Committee, I raised a few District 9 issues with our Mayor and our Committee Members.  Some specific neighborhood crime issues, the Wescott traffic circle safety issues, and my position on Patriot Blvd. and Wescott Blvd. road widening  are a matter of public record now.  Our mayor agreed, although this is not captured in the text of the meeting minutes, to address the crime issues with our Police Department support and help to improve the situation.   The meeting minutes does’t capture the details of my comments but it covers the main points that I made.  It reads:
“Under Other Business, Mr. Stigler reported that his request for additional police presence in several of his neighborhoods to fight small but rising criminal activity has not been responded to.  Mr. Stigler said that he is also opposed the rumored widening of Wescott Blvd. [sic and Patriot Blvd.], and that the Wescott Circle traffic should be modified to make it safer for today’s traffic and future, increased traffic.”
Rest assured I’ll keep raising our neighborhood issues and concerns to the city.  Feel free to do the same via the city service request system.
Serving you in our community – Dwight Stigler


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Wescott PDD Proposed Senior Living Center Project

Smith/Packett is a family-owned company that has been in business almost 35 years. Their focus is senior housing, and they strive to be trendsetters in hospitality, resident care and facility innovation.  Unlike a lot of developers who build a project and then leave town, they said that they are making a long-term commitment to the City, as their Harmony Senior Services division will operate this facility.

Initially, they are planning a 4-story 169-unit building.  The building will consist of approximately 80 independent living units, 60 assisted living units and 29 memory care units.  It will have a central dining facility with a chef and numerous recreational amenities for our residents.  To stay with the original roundabout concept plan, the building will be pushed up close to the roundabout with parking behind the building.  Unlike the original site plan for this property, they will not have other uses on the property, so the rear of the site where it adjoins the residential development will be open space and buffer.

A rendering of the elevation and site drawing is available for you to review.  Just click on the links on the right hand side of the main webpage.



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Meet Director Hutto of Public Works (FDRA)

Agenda – FDRA Meeting

July 7, 2014


There will be a meeting of the Fort Dorchester Residential Association on July 7, 2014 at 7:00PM.  It will be held at the community center at Wescott Park and

The Agenda is as follows:

1.  The Guest Speaker Mr. Jim Hutto, Director of the North Charleston Public Works Department.

From the description below you will be able to see the important functions of the department and how it relates to your personal daily activities.

Mr. Hutto’s responsibilities cover a wide range of important activities that affect the District 9 and District 4 residents almost every day and deal with a multitude of directly important aspects of our lives.

The Public Works Department provides:

 - planning, design, management, operations, construction, maintenance and repair of public works systems,

 - programs such as streets, drainage, parks, playgrounds, public buildings and all city-owned vehicles,

 - provides garbage and trash collection services and related public works activities and

 - promotes the general health, safety and comfort of the community and its citizens.

The department has three divisions, Maintenance, Sanitation and Equipment Maintenance and has an administrative and engineering support staff. In addition to daily tasks, Public Works plays a key role in support of Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Recovery.

 2.  Comments and announcements from Mr. Dwight Stigler, City Council representative from District Nine on important issues related to the District.

 3.  Comments from Mr. Ron Brinson, City Council representative from District Four on important issues related to District Four.

G. Warren McCarl MD

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Indigo Roads Update

Dear Friends of Indigo,

When I sent an email last week to your community, I was not aware that on May 27th Dorchester County Councilman George Bailey received a copy of a letter mailed to Mr. Charpia from Mayor Summey. Mr. Charpia is the Chairman of the Dorchester County Transportation Committee (CTC). The letter stated that N.Charleston is proposing to provide a 50% match to any of the funds identified by Dorchester CTC for repairs, resurfacing, milling, etc., for roadways in Dorchester County and within the City of N.Charleston borders. I had not been copied in this letter nor informed by our city of this proposal. Dorchester County Councilman Bailey informed me that he met with the CTC Committee afterwards and they were very pleased. Attached to the letter was a list of roads that were prioritized by our Mayor and his staff. Six roads are within the four Indigo neighborhoods. I’m encouraged to hear about the support our Mayor is providing. I’ve asked our Mayor and his staff to keep me better informed (so I can adequately provide information to you) of the progress we make with respect to the numerous requests I made earlier this year to improve your roads. I have also requested a copy of the letter that was sent to the Dorchester CTC with the attached list of priority roads.

After my message below, many of you requested information on who to contact to voice your opinions regarding your road conditions. Keep in mind that North Charleston, with our Mayor’s help, is working to gain Dorchester County’s support. Road repaving is principally owned by our County and not North Charleston. The generous and proposed fund match is intended to create the necessary funds to get this work started. Otherwise, Dorchester County will probably continue to tell us they don’t have enough funds to repair your roads. If you still feel compelled to do so, you may send an email to both Julie Elmore and Ray Anderson. They are Special Assistants to the Mayor. Their email addresses are randerson@northcharleston.org and jelmore@northcharleston.org respectively. Additionally, Dorchester Councilman Bailey may be reached at gbailey@dorchestercounty.net. Please copy me in your emails and in any responses you receive.

You have an awesome and active neighborhood! A committee was formed by your BOD to represent the 600-800 homeowners in the Indigo neighborhoods. A petition is planned to communicate your support of my initiative to improve the condition of the deteriorating roads in your neighborhoods. I thank you for your support and encouragement as we wrestle with this competing issue.

Sincerely yours,
Dwight Stigler, Councilman
District 9 North Charleston

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Wescott Traffic Circle – Crossing for Pedestrians

Dear Wescott Residents,

I have an important update with respect to our Wescott traffic circle that I inadvertently left out of my last newsletter.  To bring you up to date, over the past two years I have been working to gain the city’s support to make several necessary improvements to our dangerous traffic circle.  Many of us have traded postings about this subject on Facebook, and you may also remember my TV interview with Live 5 News and the email campaign to our Mayor’s staff during the past year.  All of this attention that you and I brought to them prompted our city to take swift action to expedite drainage and lighting improvements; plus the beautiful landscaping.  One of our own district residents worked with the city to develop the landscaping plan too.  Safety is what this is all about and this is still an incomplete project (i.e. reflective thermoplastic road striping).

In the past couple months I have successfully won our Mayor and his staffs support with this initiative again.  Our city staff have agreed to take on the project to design a safe crossing area in this location.  Progress has been incredibly slow, as you have seen over the past two years, so I do not have a timeline or schedule.  There are safety challenges to overcome with the raised elevation of the road as cars decelerate down into the circle.  I brought these concerns of mine to them about the reaction time a motorist would have to navigate around potential pedestrians as a vehicle was either entering or exiting the circle while pedestrians are crossing.  The crosswalk may need to shift down the road further away from the circle to mitigate this safety risk.  No matter how you slice it, crossing Wescott Blvd. is still a very dangerous undertaking for anyone – even with a painted crossing area and flashing light.  I’ve continued to request a signaled area to make this as safe as possible for us – crosswalks anywhere are dangerous for pedestrians.  There is a lot of work and money involved for this one crossing area; we need several more as this one is still insufficient for the entire stretch of this major thoroughfare from Patriot Blvd. to Dorchester Rd.  I’ll keep you posted as plans materialize and thank you for your continued support and feedback to make these improvements in our district.

Sincerely yours,

Dwight Stigler, Councilman District 9 North Charleston

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