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I developed this web site to help our neighbors quickly find information about city government issues.  I hope you will find this useful — and that you’ll let me know how I can improve it.  Districts 9 is really one large neighborhood — the growth frontier of both North Charleston and Dorchester County.  I intend to represent this special neighborhood vigorously as a community that cares about the values that define quality of living throughout North Charleston.
Dwight Stigler
Councilman Dwight Stigler District 9
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Indigo and Road Resurfacing

Dear Residents of Indigo,

I have some great news to deliver to you today so please share this message with EVERYONE in your neighborhood! My commitment to you on Jan. 7th 2014 has been delivered more than I had anticipated. Last Thursday night our Finance Committee approved $908,305.19 for the following agenda item: Bid Award, 2015 Resurfacing for City of North Charleston/Dorchester County!!

The following roads will undergo resurfacing by this summer:
Indigo Fields Blvd., Governors Walk, Wild Indigo Bluff, King Indigo Ct., Indigo Commons Way, Patriot Blvd. (Ashley Phosphate to Associate Dr. & Ashley Phosphate to Appian Way), Enterprise Dr., LaChappelle Bend, and Park Forest Parkway (the vast majority of roads are in Indigo).

Are you registered to vote? If not please register NOW. Its easy to do online at: https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/ovr/start.aspx If you appreciate the work I do for you and our community but you’re not registered, please show your appreciation by taking the time to register today and support me this November. You are represented in this part of the city!

Councilman Stigler

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Growth and More Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

Last month I voted to support Councilman Bobby Jameson from District 3 and his constituency to rezone a piece of property off of University Boulevard for a new Sunoco gas station and convenience store. The site has been a bit of an eye sore and a magnet for car thieves for years. The homeowners surrounding this property were in favor of the change. Sunoco asked for rezoning several times in the past but “politics” always played a role in the decision making. Sunoco had met with the local civic groups numerous times and met all of their requested demands. Sunoco also committed to improving the intersection for improved traffic flow and the aesthetics of the property itself. They didn’t want to go across the street for logical reasons – the property over there was overpriced and wouldn’t allow them to sell beer as all gas station convenience stores do. However, several prominent residents remained vehemently opposed. Councilman Brinson – District 4, who has relatives in District 3, and I met with the FDRA to discuss the repercussions of this contentious debate. I didn’t believe we needed to drag our districts (4&9) into the district 3 rezoning debate. Councilman Brinson was arguing the case that somehow the rezoning in District 3 would have a negative precedent in our area. The FDRA agreed with my point of view that it posed no negative or positive influence on our area, it did not endanger our Overlay District – property is rezoned quite often at the property owner’s request, the comprehensive plan is carefully evaluated and updated, and all of this has to pass a lot of scrutiny. Our overlay district does not allow for gas stations to be present. The claim was made that we would be in danger of affecting our Dorchester Overlay District. This isn’t true as our Mayor and I (and many of you) are committed to keep the integrity of the Overlay District guidelines. What’s very significant to me is that Councilman Jameson supported the rezoning change in his district – in this case specifically a Councilman is the voice and ears for his constituency in the district he represents, not council members from other parts of the city.

Another concern that my colleague raised was that we could end up with a gas station at The Corner at Wescott shopping center. Supposedly the developer had recently indicated an interest in a gas island. This may have been the case before the development start-up, during the planning stages of the shopping center, but we with the DCCN rebuffed that proposal early on. This just isn’t true now and is intellectually dishonest – they were approached in December and asked to send a conceptual plan of their site with gas pumps when they were already aware that gas pumps are not permissible under the current zoning. This was old fashioned politics in action. A gas station at the Corner at Wescott is prohibited and would require a PDD amendment in which I would strongly oppose. Our Mayor has committed to not let this happen. I don’t see this happening unless the council member from this district would be an advocate for it – even then it would be difficult. This has nothing to do with the District 3 rezoning but do you see a cleaver story trying to be created here? The story continues…

Last month Councilman Brinson introduced me to one of his close friends, an attorney representing Murphy Oil, who wanted to talk with me about the prospect of a gas station at the Walmart on Dorchester Road. Actually, I received a call the day of the vote for the rezoning in district 3. Are you connecting the dots to this story? With our Mayor, and our Legal Department support, I have successfully averted the prospects of a gas station in our district at Walmart. My concern was the impact it would have on our Dorchester corridor and a possible “opening” it would create for gas pumps at The Corner at Wescott. By the way, across the street in Summerville, a new Sunoco is already under development. I’m not going to fall victim to political maneuvers to create a link between District 3 and our area and weaken our overlay district and PDDs. I’m happy to say that District 9 has no gas stations planned.

With all this being said, make no confusion about the new Walmart neighborhood grocery stores with gas pumps that are planned for Districts 1 and 4. The property for those developments have been zoned for this business use for years. During the same time of this contentious issue last December, Walmart announced that it would be building two new neighborhood grocery stores with gas pumps. These grocery stores will be located at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Patriot Blvd. and the intersection of Ladson Road and the entrance to Wellborn Village (near the new Spinx). Hopefully this story has reached the end.

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DD2 Aquatic Center – City Offers Generous Proposal

Are you aware that our city has made a very generous offer to Dorchester District 2 to help build, and operate the Aquatic Center – as part of the $7.5 million tax referendum that passed over a year ago? This has been communicated to the DD2 Board and the Aquatic Center Committee numerous times since November 2013. I met with our Mayor, Councilman Brinson and our newly elected DD2 Board members – Justin Farnsworth and Brain Mitchum. Councilman Brinson is also a strong advocate and has been actively engaged with Superintendent DD2 Joe Pye and our Mayor. Together we are both helping to make the case for what we believe is the best solution for DD2 and our citizens in this density populated area. You decide if the city’s proposal is something DD2 should shy away from – I think they should be running to us! Here’s a quick snippet: the city will pay to double the pool size to an olympic pool to support swimming competitions, provide land next to the FDHS already owned by the city, and provide maintenance of the pool. To see the full details, go to NChar Proposal Aquatic Center

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New Retail Stores are Coming

A sign is now on the new Sears Outlet store soon to open at the Festival Shopping Center.  A Bojangles will be going in at the corner of Palmetto Commerce Parkway and Ladson Road.  We will have two new Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Stores (in Districts 1 & 4) with gas pumps; No gas stations are coming to our district!  These grocery stores will be located at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Patriot Blvd. and the intersection of Ladson Road and the entrance to Wellborn Village (near the new Spinx).  At the Corner at Wescott shopping center we will soon see ground breaking for Grow Financial (https://www.growfinancial.org), a new bank.  Also, Raising Cane’s (http://www.raisingcanes.com) will be breaking ground too. 

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The Crossings at Wescott

The Crossings at Wescott: that’s the name of the new Sr. Adult Living Center coming to the Wescott Circle on Wescott Blvd. The developer has just received their first round of comments on the site/engineering plans from the City. They will be submitting utility plans to Dorchester County early next month. Architectural design is underway with plans going into the City in late March. They are shooting for a closing and groundbreaking in early May.

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Smart911 is a service that allows residents to create a free Safety Profile for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in the event of an emergency. Then, when anyone in that household dials 9-1-1 from a phone associated with their Safety Profile, their profile is immediately displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker providing additional information that can be used to facilitate the proper response to the proper location. At a time when seconds count, Smart911 provides details that could impact response the second an emergency call is placed, which could be the difference between life and death. 

Smart911_FactSheets w-logoSmart911_FactSheets w-logo

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Cedar Grove Entrance

Dear Cedar Grove Residents,

I’m happy to announce that The City of North Charleston has issued a Purchase Order to complete drainage and curb work in the amount of $11,520 at the intersection of Cannondale Dr. and Dorchester Road.  The construction work should begin as soon as the contractor can schedule it.  I’d like to thank Richard Cerq for his tenacious support to get this matter addressed for all of your residents.

Finally, I am still working to have the median shortened at the other end of Cannondale Dr. so larger vehicles can make the turn without driving into Mr. Hook’s front lawn.  Please feel free to invite me to your HOA meetings if there’s anything I can do to support you.

Would you please share information with all of your residents?  They can ask to be part of my email group too (dwight.stigler@me.com).

As always check back regularly for new information about our area posted on my website or on Facebook.

Dwight Stigler

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Emergency Notification

Good Afternoon,
Please see the attached flyer. EMD and CDC asks you to post this in public areas, display at public events, in general help us get the word out for our citizens and employees to register as it has replaces the reverse 9-1-1 system. But, as people are moving to cell phones from their home phone, they are not in the 9-1-1 data base and they will need to add themselves.

I ask each of you to take a minute and register yourself so that you will be able to tell our citizens how easy it is!

North Charleston Director of Emergency Management

Click here to read flyer and learn how to sign up.

Click here to read flyer and learn how to sign up.

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Newsletter from Councilman Stigler

Happy Veterans Day !
The City of North Charleston will host its annual Veterans Day tribute on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at Park Circle featuring Vietnam War veteran Lt. Col. Clebe McClary as keynote speaker. We ask veterans and the public to join Mayor R. Keith Summey and City Council in this special ceremony. Last year, over 500 veterans in attendance were honored. Read more at: http://dwightstigler.com/?p=2658

Projects in your Neighborhoods are Planned for 2015
Cedar Grove -
Drainage improvements at the intersection of Dorchester Rd. and Cannondale Drive by end of 2014
Sidewalk Repair/Median Realignment on Cannondale and Clearview Drive ($32,000)
Riverbluff Parkway road asphalt resurfacing ($80,168)
Indigo Neighborhoods -
Road asphalt resurfacing during Feb./Mar.: Indigo Fields Blvd. ($208,456), Governor’s Walk ($98,736), Lachappelle Bend ($31,927), Wild Indigo Bluff ($46,928), King Indigo Court ($23,056), Indigo Commons Way ($20,908)
Road asphalt resurfacing during Summer: Gallatin Lane ($60,940)
Taylor Plantation -
Park Forest Parkway ($83,490)
Wescott Blvd.(crossing to the hiker/biker trail) -
Sidewalks: Oak Forest and Pebble Creek, Ashley Ridge, ADA ramp at Ballentine crosswalk
All totaling $14,658
Whitehall -
Road asphalt resurfacing during Summer: Netherby Lane ($194,605), Riverbluff Parkway ($80,168), Kennestone Lane ($103,301), Barnsley Drive ($53,845), Wild Fern Court ($13,651), Gregg’s Landing Drive ($72,589)
Thermoplastic paint striping at Netherby Lane and Dorchester Road (following road resurfacing)

That’s $1,092,599 in District 9 road resurfacing alone folks!!

Wescott Traffic Circle & Wescott Blvd.
Road re-striping with the reflective thermoplastic paint from the Wescott Traffic Circle to Dorchester Road has been delayed. It will cost the city about $125,000 to complete this work. Projections are that this work won’t be completed until late to early next year. Due to the excessive number of traffic accidents and complaints, our city Police and Public Works departments have decided to merge the lanes going into and out of the circle down from two to one lanes. A copy of the plan can be found at: http://dwightstigler.com/?p=2632.

Recycling Bins vs. Roll Carts & Mixed Recyclables (Republished)
For the past few months I have been investigating why it is possible for Charleston County, and not Dorchester County, to have the 96 gallon roll cart for recyclables. Its a web of complexity. Simply put, Dorchester County does not provide any curbside recycling, Charleston County does. Dorchester County offers recycling centers. Our closest recycling center is located off of Parlor Drive.

Okay, you’re probably asking why then does North Charleston pick up our recycling. The City picks up recycling curbside for its residents in Dorchester County and delivers the recyclables to Sunoco for a credit to Dorchester County which helps offset the cost of household garbage picked up by the City in Dorchester County. That household garbage is now hauled by a private hauler to Sandy Pines (Waste Management landfill for a negotiated tonnage fee thru the County). The City gets the credit from recyclables to help offset that cost. Is that clear?

I learned that this particular agreement has been in place for maybe 15 years or better. The County may be up to renegotiate that agreement as the area we live in has grown significantly. I’ll continue to work with our Mayor and the Public Works Department on this project over the coming years.

Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Stores
Two neighboring districts, district’s 1 and 4, are getting Walmart neighborhood grocery stores. One will be at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Patriot Blvd. (with gas station – property is already zoned M1 light industrial) and another at Palmetto Commerce Parkway and Ladson Road. Both stores are going to be about 40,000 square feet. I don’t know the timing yet but I suspect it will be late next year at the earliest.

Stigler on Facebook
Why follow me on Facebook? Well quite often I post information that has just been released in which I don’t have time to send an email. Posting a notice on Facebook is quick and reaches people immediately without having to send out hundreds of emails. Plus, a lot of folks just don’t want all the emails. I post quite often on Facebook to get peoples input on issues too. Every few months I’ll send an email to you as well but if you want real-time info connect with me there. Please join me on Facebook and share your thoughts and feedback with me and the community on special topics.

HOAs and Community Management Group Meeting Invitations
I’ve enjoyed the numerous opportunities to speak with your community, or board members, during your neighborhood meetings. Thank you for continuing to invite me to meet with you and your residents. I apologize if my schedule is sometimes too booked to be at all of your HOA meetings. Nevertheless, please continue to invite me so we can discuss your concerns and interests together as often as I can attend.

Please Help Me
Finally, I ask that you please help me to get the word out about the information I’m sharing, the projects I’m working on, and the information available on my website. Would you please forward this newsletter to your email groups and I invite anyone to send an email to me if they’d like to receive my newsletters directly (dwight.stigler@me.com).

I’m wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kind regards,
Dwight Stigler, Councilman
District 9 North Charleston

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Veterans Day in North Charleston, a Tribute to our Veterans

Veterans Day in North Charleston, a Tribute to our Veterans

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The City of North Charleston will host its annual Veterans Day tribute on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at Park Circle featuring Vietnam War veteran Lt. Col. Clebe McClary as keynote speaker. We ask veterans and the public to join Mayor R. Keith Summey and City Council in this special ceremony.  Last year, over 500 veterans in attendance were honored.

The Department of Defense and the Veterans Day National Committee once again selected North Charleston as a Regional Site for Veterans Day 2014.  North Charleston is one of two regional sites in the State of South Carolina and has received this designation for 4 consecutive years.

All veterans in attendance will be recognized and will receive a specially designed commemorative coin. To receive a coin, veterans are urged to RSVP no later than November 4 to (843) 740-5801, (843) 745-1028 or via email at cdambaugh@northcharleston.org.

Prior to the ceremony, from 9:30 am – 10:30 am, a story swap will be held in the Felix Davis Community Center.  Veterans will have an open opportunity to share memories and stories about their service with fellow veterans.  The story swap is open to the public.  Veterans wishing to speak should RSVP to (843) 740-5850.

A new component for this year’s Veterans Day event will be added from the 1st Combat Camera Squadron, who will provide a photo display from the perspective of the Air Force during past wartime strategic, operational, worldwide crises, contingencies, joint exercises and humanitarian operations.  The 1st Combat Camera Squadron is a tenant unit at Joint Base Charleston, and the largest active duty combat camera unit in the Air Force. Combat Camera acquires still and motion imagery in support of classified and unclassified air, sea, and ground military operations.

Once again, lunch for all of the event attendees will be provided immediately following the ceremony.

Keynote Speaker – Lt. Col. Clebe McClary, USMC (Ret)

Lt. Col. Clebe McClary was raised on a 10,000 acre plantation in the South Carolina Lowcountry, growing up hunting, fishing and excelling at sports.

After fulfilling his dream of becoming a college coach, Clebe had plans to marry a beautiful Southern belle. Life was very good, but only weeks before the wedding (March 26, 1967), Clebe witnessed a startling event on a college campus that changed the course of his life forever – the burning of an American flag by students protesting the Vietnam conflict.

Dismayed by the lack of support for the country he loved, Clebe resigned from his coaching position and volunteered for duty in the Marine Corps. He completed Officers Training School in Quantico, Virginia, becoming platoon leader of the 1st Recon Battalion in Vietnam.

On his 19th recon patrol, deep in hostile territory, Clebe and his unit engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.  During the fight, he suffered devastating injuries, losing his left arm and left eye, but Clebe continued to lead his men.

Clebe’s valiant battle with the pain and disabilities that followed is nothing short of amazing. He spent over two years in military hospitals, undergoing over 30 major surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy. Since then, Clebe has used his powerful story of courage, determination and strength to motivate audiences the world over.

From past Veterans Day events

Photos: Past Veterans Day events

Video: Medal of Honor recipient Major General Livingston on Veterans Day

Video: 10 year old Tre’ Williams on what it means to be a veteran

Video: Sophia Simmons on what it means to be a veteran

Video: Major Joe Lysaght on the history of the Pledge of Allegiance

Video: Lt. Col. Vernon Lightner gives remarks at North Charleston Veterans Day event

Video: Col. Harrington delivers 2013 keynote speech

Video: Students read “What Veterans Day means to me” essays

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